Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kapow! The Aussie Classification Board lands another hit with their almighty banhammer.

The Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) Board has reported to the Media that Fallout 3, an upcomming RPG title for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC has been banned. The game would receive a R+18 rating, but with a lack of this classification for Video Games, it has instead been offically banned.

A OFLC report was given to Journalists saying that the reason for the ban was regarding the Drug's theme or within Fallout 3 'chems' which have more a positive, rather than negative effect on the character in which the player controls.

There has been the use of drugs in recent Triple A titles such as Haze and Bioshock, in which a form of Drug is taken to enhance the character, but both show an obvious negative effect from taking the drugs.

The OFLC classifies Video Games according to Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995. It states that it will allow a game with Drug themes that would fall into the MA+15 classification if the game does the following: 'Drug use should be justified by context'.

The Gaming community and Media haven't taken this report with the much support and have also been warned that they are not permitted to import Fallout 3.

For more infomation regarding the classification of games, follow the link to download the Guidelines for the Classification of Films and Computer Games:,

[As a later note, Fallout 3 was resubmitted by it's development team and the modified version was permitted the Australian MA15+ rating]

Dan Byron

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Peripheral Review: Fit for a king – Handy accessories or simple junk?

While I was browsing through my local EB games outlet, I came across a range of accessories for the XBOX360, PS3, PSP, Wii and so on. I thought to myself, are these really necessary? Well let’s take a look.

My item of interest today is the Xbox360 messenger kit, as you can tell it is used to make it easier to write messages through the Xbox live mail system. The Xbox360 messenger kit is very simple to use, when needed you simply plug the kit into your controller and type away. The Xbox360 messenger kit even has Backlit buttons so that you can type messages when there is little or no light at all. And so this accessory can be very useful if you cannot be bothered sending a recorded voice message. But is it necessary to spend around fifty AUS dollars just so you can type your messages faster there for informing your recipient with a more formal, well written message?

Well that’s up to you but personally I reckon it is a waste of one’s time and money. Firstly it is easier and faster to send a recorded voice message instead because it tells the recipient directly what you are informing along with the language and tone of your voice, there for making more or less understanding. But this is just my opinion; I have nothing wrong with those who choose to use this accessory. So if you find it hard to type out messages over Xbox live and you feel uncomfortable expressing your voice through recorded messages then this is the accessory for you!

3/5 Stars

Jack Frost

Monday, July 7, 2008

Feeling the Chill?

Our friends at Bungie (developers of Halo 3), are set to release another map over Xbox Live later today.

Cold Storage, is the Halo 3 remake of Chill Out from the original Halo and incorperates the founding layout, with a few twists and visual changes.

It will be free to download from Xbox Live on the 7/7/08 (today) as a celebration of Bungie's sacred 7/7. Along with this the price of the Legendary Map Pack will be reduced to 600 Microsoft Points.

Got Flood?

More infomation can be found at,

Dan Byron

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Review: Super Smash Brothers Brawl for Nintendo Wii

One could say that if you build anything upon the blocks of a previous success, it is guaranteed to have greatness. Nintendo for example are always building, and their blocks of success in which they choose to build upon never really change. But this does not seem to worry anyone with the release in Australia of Super Smash Bros. Brawl delivering yet another step in their smashing saga. Super Smash Bros. Brawl exclusively for the Nintendo Wii is yet again delivering its Side-on fighting style which has seen its predecessors to be blockbusters. Bringing many of the Nintendo favorites along with some guest characters this little gem, seems to be living up to it’s hyped up name. All in all, 35 characters (that’s including those to be unlocked) can fight head-to-head in up to a 4 player Free for all or team game.


The Objective is trouble-free; knock your opponent off the edge of the map. Each of the 35 characters are in some way unique, but there are a few characters who are almost complete clones and just a skin swap. There are many stages to play on with mates on the sofa or over Wii-Net, and there is enough content and fun to be had just within the multiplayer that you could almost forget that there is a solo mode. Along with the solo/co-op Sub Space Emissary which plays as a story line as an amalgamation of Nintendo characters thrown into one storyline. This lasts for around 12 of solid game play (Normal – Hard Mode), so is not a truly worth your hard-earned unless you have people to play with, or are happy playing the Sub Space Emissary mode and playing Brawl games with bots. There is the good ‘ol line up of the original characters from the Nintendo 64’s Super Smash Bros. game and some of the favourites from Melee but it has a healthy new array of new characters. Not to say that the old fighters are tiresome, but a new look onto the gameplay with its new members is refreshing. While upon the topic of old fighters, this addictive piece plays like the old ones, and I had no troubles with finding the type of Wii-Mote combo that worked for me. You may use the Wii-Mote, a Wii-Mote with the Nunchuck, the Classic Controler, or a Gamecube controller. There a unique few character that is worth your time unlocking such as Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid saga and Sonic, along with many more such as our old time punching buddy, Captain Falcon. Naturally, Nintendo made some minor modifications to the gameplay speed compared to Melee and chose to place some interesting new ideas to the fighting style such as the Smash-Orb which allows the fighter to unleash a overwhelming attack which can overall have a great outcome to the final score.

brawl level

I find the collection of Stickers and trophies to be a slightly trivial function for a game, but apart from this minor personal bias I cannot find any true flaws. There is nothing really to be said for the graphics, it is a Wii game so nothing extraordinary is to be expected but it is pleasant on the eyes as well as its soundtrack being the very rounded a well suited to the game. I have played countless hours on the original Smash Bros. and find the combat to be somewhat too familiar but with all the new features, characters, maps and the countless other goodies, there is nothing stopping me from brawling till I drop. This is designed for sitting around the TV with some mates and rotating the controller around (Wonderful Nintendo tell you who is next to swap the controller). Though upon that tone, there is no doubt in the minds of this games development team that it is also a delivery for the hardcore fans. This is what was expected of the hype, thankfully it lived up to it. This is more than just another solid Nintendo game, this is probably your best buy for the Wii for this year and will have you playing it for longer than that.

Speed review/Summary: Following the footsteps of its two older brothers, this lives up to both of them. Plenty of content, exciting new fighters, many new maps and very well balanced. Works with all variations of controllers for Wii. It is worth your money and if you could only afford one Wii game this year, this is the one folks. Will keep you busy no matter what type of gamer you are.

4.5 / 5 Stars

Dan Byron

Sweet talk is over...

Falcon Punch

Well now you know who we are, pleasantries have expired and now it starts.

Going along with our all time favourite Captain Falcon, you will find above our first review.

Oh boy, I loves me some Brawl,

Dan Byron

It begins...


I’m Josh from Melbourne, Australia. I am currently a VCE student at Trinity Grammar School. Nost and I put this blog together to share our gaming interests, views, likes and dislikes with the world.

I will be writing reviews, making podcasts as well as playing XBL!

Jack Frost

Welcome to your Bonus Round!

Greetings from Australia!

A short introduction. I'm Dan from Melbourne, Australia.

I'm a student at Trinity Grammar School, who is using this blog to begin writing reviews, news and my ideas on the gaming industry.

I will be writing reviews, scribing food for thought on gaming as well as the news and goss of the coming soon's as well as the industry games are made in.

You will only find the most balanced reviews here, unless of course there are bribes from the game's producers to be had!


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