Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Peripheral Review: Fit for a king – Handy accessories or simple junk?

While I was browsing through my local EB games outlet, I came across a range of accessories for the XBOX360, PS3, PSP, Wii and so on. I thought to myself, are these really necessary? Well let’s take a look.

My item of interest today is the Xbox360 messenger kit, as you can tell it is used to make it easier to write messages through the Xbox live mail system. The Xbox360 messenger kit is very simple to use, when needed you simply plug the kit into your controller and type away. The Xbox360 messenger kit even has Backlit buttons so that you can type messages when there is little or no light at all. And so this accessory can be very useful if you cannot be bothered sending a recorded voice message. But is it necessary to spend around fifty AUS dollars just so you can type your messages faster there for informing your recipient with a more formal, well written message?

Well that’s up to you but personally I reckon it is a waste of one’s time and money. Firstly it is easier and faster to send a recorded voice message instead because it tells the recipient directly what you are informing along with the language and tone of your voice, there for making more or less understanding. But this is just my opinion; I have nothing wrong with those who choose to use this accessory. So if you find it hard to type out messages over Xbox live and you feel uncomfortable expressing your voice through recorded messages then this is the accessory for you!

3/5 Stars

Jack Frost

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