Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A deep thought question, a review show and a bottle of...

I am a big fan of the Australian Good Game show, and for anyone who is the big ol' Aus', then I recommend this show for you. On the forums, one of the presenters asked the most basic, yet deep questions on 'why you play games'. Here is my answer:

I love, play, write about and debate games because I find them to be an amazing medium and one of the most mind-boggling concepts.

Games are more than just a form of an ever changing entertainment. They are engaging a player to interact with an environment, or story in more that one way. Without the interaction of the player, this art form wouldn't exist. Unlike Music or Fine art's which are always visible or listenable, without the players decisions (even when the game is linear) it would not be the medium it is without the player.

The thing which entices me, is that Games are three different things all in one. They are can Art form, they can be a Sport and a form of Entertainment/Play.

What I also enjoy is the industry and the creation products which revolve around the games we love and play. There are so many developers, who don't play games themselves in their own spare time, but see this as an interesting form of modern communication and the future of our entertainment.

Good Game is on Australian TV every Monday 9PM (ABC2 Channel) or you can podcast the show from iTunes.

Dan Byron

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